The Sims 4

What I actually do for Sims 4?

On these recent years I realized that I love making stories. Though my use of words weren’t as good as writers; writing a story isn’t just about language too, it’s about how you write it, the use of words etc. I know I am not good on choosing the right words that gives a big impact to readers. But I try. I never give up on it and I feel that I have become better and better now. 

So I tried making machinima on Sims, I had fun editing it. Though machinima is quite a long process because I had to find the right pose and moments to capture. Anyway, then I meet this simmer named Dita, she actually is the person who started to give me influence on making more Sims videos. It’s not that she is saying I need to make a lot of videos etc etc, but because she introduced me to other simmer YouTuber friends that made me feel I am not alone in this. 

Our first project together was the Townhouse collaboration. I was introduced to Sims Trooper and we did a 3 style townhouse build collaboration. After that another new simmer came, we did the Rustic Brindleton together. Not long after that she began to invite other simmers to the group and we did the Single Father Challenge together.

I have a healthy community here in The Sims rather than in FFXIV to be honest. LoL. There are many salty and impatient people (and the dramas, UGH). Though of course I still love SE FFXIV ❤️