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    Who Doesn't Like Japanese Matcha? :)

    I know matcha since I first tasted Starbucks’ Frapuccinno Green Tea and I am already addicted to it after that. I like all things Japan since I was in middle school (I am not an otaku tho). I ever did like anime but let’s save this story for my life post :). Anyway, I currently addicted to KOI’s Matcha Latte. Love it so much and again I feel that I better make it myself since it is a lot cheaper. There are no Matcha powder around my area so I need to buy it online. I bought it in an online shop from Lazada. It has been delivered within 2 days. o(*≧□≦)o EXCITED!~
    Uji Matcha
    I tried it and it tastes similar to Starbucks’ and KOI matcha. Anyway I will be going to Semarang tomorrow but I planned to make a video of my do it yourself drinks after I go back. Including the delicious KOI cream cheat (/^▽^)/~

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    This Drink is so Addictive (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

    Hello There! 。(>ω<。)
    I have been addicted to KOI’s Macchiato drinks like forever but it costs a lot of money if I kept buying it. So I decided to do search for Macchiato hacks. Found some hacks on youtube and this is one of it that inspired me; ╰(✧∇✧╰)

    For the cream I think you should know what cream is good in your country because me myself did try a few creams and find the most similar to KOI. I just wished I have the Green Tea powder for Matcha Macchiato 🙂