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    The Sims 4 – Let’s Play Vampire Legacy Challenge #4

    And we we can actually WOOHOO IN COFFIN?!?! ❤❤❤

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    The Sims 4 : An Online Dating Story

    The Sims 4 Machinima

    Aaah finally 😭 😭  I have posted this long machinima. It was supposed to be “aired” on YouTube on last December and the title should be Once Upon a Christmas. However I wasn’t satisfied with the result (I keep on editing) and I was in Italy on December. The desk space there is quite small, it is hard for me to move my laptop and mouse. I was also freezing most of the time whenever I don’t move (I’d rather be under the bed blanket!).

    So have you ever had experience online dating? Have you ever got the adrenaline of meeting some stranger you knew just from online? Or instead, you are just afraid they would do something bad to you? Have you experienced the lack of confidence, not being able to communicate well with people on the opposite sex? Well this story is simply about those problems. Those are the problems I had when I was younger. I got this story inspiration part of it is from my life experience, part of it are just fiction. I never really date someone from an online dating site or app. I ever meet them but we ended up just being friends. To be honest I used those apps before more to look for friends rather than look for a partner. *Notes* Btw I know that sometimes I cannot explain it well in English, or the words are too plain and flat. But I did put efforts to it to get the moments! HAHA. I hope for you to enjoy my machinima…^^

    Btw I know that sometimes I cannot explain it well in English, or the words are too plain and flat. But I did put efforts to it to get the moments! HAHA. I hope for you to enjoy my machinima…^^
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    World is Surrounded by Narcissist

    This topic has come up on my mind because I felt like I was a narcissist. Not really sure if I am now but I know that I am a lot better than before. Maybe there is a little of it in every person’s life. First of all what is a narcissist?
    This is an extreme way of defining it.
    Narcissists victimize those around them just by just being who they are, and they won’t change. That statement may seem extreme, until you listen to the stories of those who have been victimized by a narcissist. Then you realize just how toxic relationships with these individuals can be. – Source Link
    How Narcissists See Themselves
    1. I love myself, and I know you do, too. In fact, everyone does. I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t.
    2. I have no need to apologize. You, however, must understand, accept, and tolerate me no matter what I do or say.
    3. I have few equals in this world, and so far, I have yet to meet one. I am the best _______ (manager, businessman, lover, student, etc.).
    4. Most people don’t measure up. Without me to lead, others would flounder.
    5. I appreciate that there are rules and obligations, but those apply mostly to you, because I don’t have the time or the inclination to abide by them. Besides, rules are for the average person, and I am far above average.
    6. I hope you appreciate all that I am and everything that I have achieved for you — because I am wonderful and faultless.
    7. I do wish we could be equals, but we are not and never will be. I will remind you with unapologetic frequency that I am the smartest person in the room and how well I did in school, in business, as a parent, etc. — and you must be grateful.
    8. I may seem arrogant and haughty, and that’s OK with me; I just don’t want to be seen as being like you.
    9. I expect you to be loyal to me at all times, no matter what I do. However, don’t expect me to be loyal to you in any way.
    10. I will criticize you, and expect you to accept it, but if you criticize me, especially in public, I will come at you with rage. One more thing: I will never forget or forgive, and I will pay you back one way or another — I am a “wound collector.”
    11. I expect you to be interested in what I have achieved and what I have to say. I, on the other hand, am not at all interested in you or what you have achieved, so don’t expect much curiosity or interest from me about your life. I just don’t care.
    12. I am not manipulative; I just like to have things done my way, no matter how much it inconveniences others, or how it makes them feel. I don’t care how others feel — feelings are for the weak.
    13. I expect gratitude at all times, for even the smallest things I do. As for you, I expect you to do as I ask.
    14. I only associate with the best people, and frankly, most of your friends don’t measure up.
    15. If you would just do what I say, things would be better.
    As you can imagine, it is not easy living with or working with someone who thinks or behaves this way. The experience of those who have done so teaches us the following (and if you remember nothing else from this post, remember this): Narcissists overvalue themselves and devalue others, and that means you. You will never be treated as an equal, you will never be respected, and you will in time be devalued out of necessity, so that they can overvalue themselves.

    I know people who are narcissist. I lived with one in my entire life. She is the one that caused me stress. I almost called myself mentally ill. I almost killed myself because of her, but I have put it to the past and I have moved on.
    This narcissist character though, if it is already build in a character it is hard to change especially people that’s already older.
    This character can be changed through time. For me I search for God and from there I could build a more positive character.
    The narcissist topic leads me to another topic — emotions and social media — private life? I am an expressionist, meaning I love to share my experience, my feelings to something. Most people would pour it out to social media (including me), but is it safe? Is it a have too? Is it good? Will discuss it in my next post! 😉
    ~to be continued


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    My Other Past

    I had been pending this post for a while. Did not know whether I should post it or not, but I just wanted to share my feelings towards a quite crucial event that happened to me in the past.
    I don’t really know about his past. All I know he had loving parents (my grandparents). I was closer to him yes I did but after 6 months they divorce he never comes up in my life again. I was too young to know about these things. It did not matter to me as much if I did not meet him at all before. It effects me when I have grown older. So when I was 19 I tried to contact him through my cousin from his side. I did not know why I wanted to contact him that time. My cousin gave me his BlackBerry pin. I tried adding him but he declined. I asked my cousin and he said the reason was that my dad was afraid he would be reminded of my mother. What kind of bullshit reason was that. Well I thought maybe my step-mother doesn’t allow him to contact me. I was sad before but now I just don’t really care anymore. I do think about him sometimes, because he is still my biological parent and he is still there in my memories. I just want to know what was all his reasons for doing this to me. Though it doesn’t really affect me at all now.
    Divorce. You can divorce your spouse but you can’t divorce your children. Remember that 🙂

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    Strange Dreams

    I took tiny steps on my way outside the festival looking for my ride home. I found my cikin wearing its noble garb that I won on the last year’s festival. I hop on and as I stroll with my cikin, I felt as if someone is watching towards me. It was dark and windy, I was alone with my cikin. I heard footsteps coming towards me. I slowly reach my wand at my cikin’s sack.
    *rustle rustle*
    The sound took me by surprise. I caststone towards the bush. *BAM!!* I couldn’t see anything but I was sure that I hit something. Suddenly I heard a huge growl inside the bush, “The hell?” I thought monsters aren’t suppose to come out to a free land like this.

    “Don’t you remember? Chi – ri -yo?”

    “Hey lady!” I heard a vague voice from afar.
    Something hits me on the head and the next thing I remember…

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    Moon Fairie Festival

    Role Plays based on my FFXIV characters & races ;


    We are lucky; I meant me and the other people that attended the festival are lucky; we have a clear night sky across The Peaceful Caye during the first day of festive. I decided to go there alone since I don’t really gathered up with my friends anymore. It has been a while I closed up with them. I have been in this world for a year and I can’t remember my memories before that. I don’t have any relatives or even family. Strange thing is, the more I try to remember the more it become painful. So I tend to forget and just live my life as it is. The first thing I remembered I was in The Dreary Islands, an independent marine city state of The Peaceful Caye. A beautiful city with ships, sailors, fisher and beaches. In a short while I was called to a guild. They teach me how to be a White Sage; I woke up in this world without knowing what had happened to me or where I came from. So rather than not doing anything, I decided to just follow what the people asked me to do. I was quite devastated because of my memory loss but through time I manage to just go on with it. My friends also said that I need to move on, but it seemed to always gets back to me, wondering where I was born, where are my family and my friends seemed tired of hearing my same problems again and again… Anyway, they are past me already. I had been upset so many times that I tend not to talk to people. I tend not to trust people anymore…I tend not to smile a lot anymore…
    …but when I see this little cuties, it must be the first time I smiled for a long while.
    Moon Fairie Festival
    (UnknownGirl looking around) I thought I heard a click nearby; maybe a lot of people are taking pictures in the festival^^; it’s safe here right? (went back looking at the cute toys in front of her).
    (Guy behind the toy stand) She has the cutest smile…Thought I seen her looking sad while coming over to the festival alone. Maybe I should say hi? Nah. That’s not me. I might as well go home after taking my prize…(getting through the crowd) ahhh too crowded.
    (UnknownGirl looking towards the guy’s back and the crowd) I thought somebody was looking at me, maybe just my feelings? I feel a little bit anxious today…maybe because of this crowd. I hate the crowd. I think I’m going to relax a bit on the water.
    OK. Done for the day, time to go home. Do I need to swim through to get across? *Sigh* Oh? (realizing UnknownGirl relaxing on the water) Isn’t that the girl on the toy stand?
    *Click* and run…
    Moon Fairie Festival-2
    Huh? Did I hear a click again just now? Or was it just my imagination? *Sigh* I think I am too tired. Probably I have to go home now…

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    Fragment of Memories: Another Hometown

    I remembered when I woke up hearing the sound of the sewing machine running loud outside the room. I was in…my aunt’s house in Semarang. It was noon, I went outside seeing people had already on their own sewing places. I walked to the side of the table seeing a brown cup of tea with a little sprinkles of sugar especially prepared for me. I drank it. Someone offered me a plate of fried rice, oh or it was a fried chicken? I think I remembered the wrong day, but I know both of them were delicious. Oh! Something tickles my legs. Seemed that the pet has become fond of me. He is so black that you can only see his eyes.
    I had finished my lunch, I walked through the fridge, I searched for my ice cream. I took it and ate it. It gets me addicted that I wanted more…it was…cookies and cream flavour.
    “Sasa.” They used to call me. We had plans to swim today so I prepared some stuffs and go to the swimming place. The other side of the swimming pool was too deep for me to go so I used to just reached 1/3 of the pool.
    It was dinner time, we went to a place called Danti’s Steak and we ate steak. I used to eat “steak lidah” back then. After that we went downstairs and I remembered that I have eaten all my ice creams so I wanted to buy again. We bought some cakes too. We went home.
    At home they asked me to join them to the roof to see stars. I was so scared of going up because it wasn’t an easy path for me, but I went there eventually. It’s almost midnight. We went downstairs and play some PlayStation games. What was that game? Was it Final Fantasy VIII or Harvest Moon? It’s late already so we went to bed.