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    5 Top Places to eat in Semarang according to me!

    1. Nasi Goreng Babat Hengky / Sumarsono

    For me both tastes good. I know there’s difference between the two but still I love both of them. The thing is if you don’t like animal “innards”, then you won’t like it.
    Addresses: They are located nearby to each other.
    Hengky: Blok K, Jl. Puri Anjasmoro, Tawangsari, Semarang Bar., Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50144
    Sumarsono: Jl. Anjasmoro Raya, Karangayu, Semarang Bar., Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50149
    2. Ayam Goreng Remaja

    The last time I went to Semarang I was addicted to this chicken. I bring around 15 raw spiced chicken home to Jakarta. I like the sweet spice more rather than the salty one. They also sell sweet grilled / fry catfish. It’s my cousin’s favorite. It was also good but I like the chicken more.
    I couldn’t find the exact address but if I do I will update it soon ^^~
    3. Regency Risoles & Kroket

    I never get addicted to risoles this much! It’s a snack but it is a large portion of risoles. There are three kinds of flavors, the original one, mushroom and sausage. I brought home 5 for each flavors. I think there’s also a branch in Jakarta but it is far away from my house 🙁
    Ruko Ki Mangun Sarkoso 86b , Semarang Kota – Semarang
    4. Nasi Ayam
    Nasi ayam was my childhood favorite food in Semarang. When I was still in elementary school, if I went to Semarang for holiday, I would often eat this. You can find it everywhere in Semarang. As for me all of them tastes almost the same.
    5. Tahu Gimbal
    Can find this easily in Semarang. I’m not really the picky type for this food but the address below is the good rated Tahu Gimbal in Semarang.
    Tahu Gimbal Lumayan Pak Man: Jalan Plampitan No. 54, Bangunharjo, Semarang Tengah, Bangunharjo, Semarang Tengah, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50139
    There are lots of good food in Semarang but these are the food that I would definitely looking forward to eat if I have plan to go there 😀

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    The Docks German Restaurant

    It’s known for it’s pork knuckles and sausages. To be honest I’m not a fan of sausages but I am sure if you are you will love this place. I am a fan of pork though! _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

    Fresh Deep Fried Mushrooms. I love mushroom. Ordered this for my appetizer and it’s really nice!


    My dad ordered Herb Bread for the side dish. I thought it wasn’t that great but I loved it!


    My mom and I ordered the famous Crispy Pork Knuckle. I think this portion is for 3-5 people. The crispy texture is real.

    Was this Sausage Platter? Tell me if I’m wrong. I did not pay attention what my dad ordered but it is definitely one of the sausages section.


    The second time I came here I ordered Tender Grilled Salmon Steak. It wasn’t on the star list on the menu and I was worried it might taste not that good. I did not want to order something heavy, but how they cook it and their spices are all perfect to me.

    The Docks Nasi Goreng Pork Belly. The amount of the Nasi Goreng can fit 2 persons like me I guess. My mom couldn’t finish this because it was to many for her and I told her to take away the remaining for me to eat tomorrow lol. It was delicious.

    Our table filled with great food filling our tummy!~ Anyway dad ordered Garlic Bread on our second visit.

    I am not lying all the food here are amazing! ⤴︎ ε=ε=(ง ˃̶͈̀ᗨ˂̶͈́)۶ ⤴︎

    Here is the location from Google Map.

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    Sale Italian Ristorante


    This is Prosciutto + Pane. Prosciutto + Pane usually served cold meat and warm bread.
    Spaghetti alle Vongole. The spaghetti served with olive oil + a little bit of pasta water and delicious clams. Another simple dish I love.
    I am not really a fan of Italian foods in my country because most of them doesn’t have this authentic taste. Especially the pastas. Even sometimes my mom cooks it better! HAHA. BUT this restaurant is different. I loveeeeeeeeee it and I would come back for moar. I didn’t get the chance to taste my mom’s and dad’s food cause I was already full just eating the prosciutto and pane. I didn’t want my tummy to be really full before I got to taste my spaghetti.

    I regret I didn’t bring my EOS M10!!

    My stepdad is Italian so he sometimes looked for Italian restaurants on the internet. He apparently found Sale on internet and went there with my mom once. I joined them the next time they wanted to go there. The food here are very delicious, well of course because the food are made by Italian chefs! I really recommend this restaurant for those who love Italian food!
    Link to more menu and location of restaurant

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    Portable: Another Foodie Blog

    My parents and I decided to taste a new dish. We went to Portable Grill and Shabu located at Summerecon Serpong. There are two separated areas in this restaurant. One is the all you can eat and one is the ala-carte. We ate ala-carte on the first floor. They have salads, pasta, sandwiches, and even Indonesian food.


    We were given a free soup appetizer. I don’t know the name of the soup but it’s quite good for a free soup.

    My mom and I ordered this Iga Bakar Sambel Tomat dan Nasi Pandan. Tastes delicious.


    My dad ordered this. I think it was Beef Ribs Pull on Ciabatta. I didn’t try it though cause it’s kind of hard and big for me to eat.

    I would definitely comeback to taste other menu or shabu-shabu. Not a fan of shabu-shabu though, but it doesn’t hurt to try!


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    Batik Air Business Class

    Batik Air Lounge
    This was the first time I experienced riding business class. First time entering business lounge too. We checked in at the business queue line. It was a fast check in because no one was queuing. Ordered wheel chair for my grandma because the lounge is far from the checked in place.
    We checked in like 2 hours before the flight so we have many time to sit and relax. Grandma said that the food was better when she went with my parents last January. Ate some kind of Bihun and drank cappuccino. I think the food was okay. I still can eat it but she said it was not good. Haha. We got delayed for half an hour for the flight.
    We had to walk quite far from the lounge to our gate. I did not know why they did not tell us there was an option that we can get called first. In the flight we got a light meal.

    The menu on our way back~

    Bought business class again on our way back to Jakarta but…unfortunately the business lounge was under construction –” but we did not get any complimentary bonus and we ended up at Starbucks LOL.
    It was a fun experience though 😉

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    Who Doesn't Like Japanese Matcha? :)

    I know matcha since I first tasted Starbucks’ Frapuccinno Green Tea and I am already addicted to it after that. I like all things Japan since I was in middle school (I am not an otaku tho). I ever did like anime but let’s save this story for my life post :). Anyway, I currently addicted to KOI’s Matcha Latte. Love it so much and again I feel that I better make it myself since it is a lot cheaper. There are no Matcha powder around my area so I need to buy it online. I bought it in an online shop from Lazada. It has been delivered within 2 days. o(*≧□≦)o EXCITED!~
    Uji Matcha
    I tried it and it tastes similar to Starbucks’ and KOI matcha. Anyway I will be going to Semarang tomorrow but I planned to make a video of my do it yourself drinks after I go back. Including the delicious KOI cream cheat (/^▽^)/~

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    Japanese Lunch (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ

    Well it is Mini Japanese Lunch Fusion?
    I went to mart at noon today and decided to buy Onigiri and Koi Matcha Macchiato (had been a while since I bought it). In case you don’t know what is onigiri and you never see Koi Matcha Macchiato, here is an creative edited photos I did for you :p~
    Onigiri Salmon Mayo + Salmon Aburi Mayo <3~ To be honest, the taste is delicious for a Rp.12,500 🙂 bought it at Food Mart Lippo Village.
    KOI &amp; Onigiri
    Been in love with Japanese food since I was born 🙂 *exaggerating*. Though for sashimi I could only eat salmon and tuna, the others could make me puke~¯\_| ✖ 〜 ✖ |_/¯

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    Nescafe Dolce Gusto ~ How I do it?

    First of all, I LOVEEEE COOFFEEEE. I am addicted to it, I love all forms of it {especially cappuccino and lattes}.
    Got this Nescafe Dolce Gusto from my aunt and grandma (from my dad’s side). They knew I love coffee so much (I even have cappuccino machine~the mini one). I love Nescafe coffees (I usually but the instant ones). The taste are rich.
    This machine uses capsule to make your coffee. this time I am making Latte Macchiato.  
    Dolce Gusto 1
    You can’t see it in the picture but Latte Macchiato has 2 colors capsules, black and white. I usually insert the coffee first but for me it doesn’t matter. Also, you can see that the capsules has levels of water but I usually raise the level of the water more for the coffee because I feel that the taste is really thick for just 2 levels (depends on people though).
    Dolce Gusto 2

    1. At the back part of the machine, there is a place for the water, fill it in as according how much coffee you make. Turn on the machine.
    2. If you want to use hot water you have to wait for a while. Then you have to drag down the silver handle.
    3. Adjust the water level. Adjust it using the “gear like” switch (4) (can toggle it up and down to adjust the water).
    4. Then finally you can toggle the hot water and cold water switch to make the coffee. Voila enjoy your Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato <3


    Iced Latte Macchiato
    How I do it?~ So, at the previous post about making macchiato cream that is similar to KOI, I had made a variation from Dolce Gusto’s coffee. I made the coffee and put the cream on top. It is delicious~

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    Pepper Lunch~Student Meals!!??

    Student Meals~Salmon Pepper Rice

    I went out last week to buy some things in the market and when I was passing buy Pepper Lunch I saw credit and debit card  paying 1Rp promotion. I was interested and I planned to go back to check out the deal. After going to the market I went back to Pepper Lunch and I feel I had been “deceived”! So in the promotion brochure it says that with a certain debit or credit card I could get beef pepper rice for only 1Rp, but below it said “terms and conditions applied“. Oh I gotta bad feeling I had been deceived by the brochure so I asked. Turns out I had to spend around 400.000Rp to get a Beef Pepper Rice 1Rp HAH. So much for hoping. Then the employee said that I could get a student meal instead (I mean it is cheaper than the normal ones). I asked though, do I need any student card? She said no. After thinking about it in seconds, I bought the Salmon Pepper Rice. HAHA. Well maybe it is a good thing I have a baby face? ;P
    Anyway, the taste isn’t as good as the original Salmon Pepper Rice, but it is still nice because we got eggs too for the student meal.
    ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚…as long as it makes my tummy happy~

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    This Drink is so Addictive (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

    Hello There! 。(>ω<。)
    I have been addicted to KOI’s Macchiato drinks like forever but it costs a lot of money if I kept buying it. So I decided to do search for Macchiato hacks. Found some hacks on youtube and this is one of it that inspired me; ╰(✧∇✧╰)

    For the cream I think you should know what cream is good in your country because me myself did try a few creams and find the most similar to KOI. I just wished I have the Green Tea powder for Matcha Macchiato 🙂