Chiriyo (Chiriyo Kitsune character from FFXIV) is me in my own creation. 

Who am I?

⭐  My name is 👧🏻 Alyssa Milano. Nope not the actress ⭐ ! I do have the same name like her. AND THIS IS ME~ 2 years ago~ in Korea~ Don’t worry, my face still the same~ My grandma👵🏻 on the right~


This web page contents would mostly be all of my life experiences that I wanted to share. I will do some story telling too (probably using images from the games that I played). Soon I will post videos on The Sims 4! 🙂

Five words to describe me; sing 🎤, movies 🎬, play 🎮, blog 📝 , design 💻.

I don’t have a divine voice but I can sing. I love to watch movies and TV series. I love playing games since I was born. I love to blog to clear my mind. I love design because I was born 90% right brained. 

Three traits to describe me; geek, foodie, perfectionist.

I’m a geek because I love playing games and doing design and I don’t mind staying at home just doing it. I love to taste different kinds of food. I almost does not have specific food that really disgust me (except for fried insects, no please no). I am perfectionist for being really organized with files, files on my laptop and files for work. I would get headaches when my files are all over the place.