Strange Dreams

I took tiny steps on my way outside the festival looking for my ride home. I found my cikin wearing its noble garb that I won on the last year’s festival. I hop on and as I stroll with my cikin, I felt as if someone is watching towards me. It was dark and windy, I was alone with my cikin. I heard footsteps coming towards me. I slowly reach my wand at my cikin’s sack.


*rustle rustle*

The sound took me by surprise. I caststone towards the bush. *BAM!!* I couldn’t see anything but I was sure that I hit something. Suddenly I heard a huge growl inside the bush, “The hell?” I thought monsters aren’t suppose to come out to a free land like this.


“Don’t you remember? Chi – ri -yo?”


“Hey lady!” I heard a vague voice from afar.

Something hits me on the head and the next thing I remember…


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