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    The Sims 4 : Forbidden Love S1 E2

    So they break up because their parents decided to get married. Little did they know after Alexa and William introduced them to each other, their parents did discussed about business but there’s more to it since their parents are both widowed. William was mad because Alexa did not tell her mother because she was too afraid of her and he just stormed out of his house after the fight.

  • Life Picturesque,  Thoughts for Life

    I Love You; because…

    You are pretty.
    You have money.
    Because I can earn prestige from you.
    It was love at first sight. It was pure chemistry. I remembered I was in a country so cold; I was in a tour…He has this type of manly face and body that I like. Let’s say he is A.
    I felt the innocent sparkles between us towards our trip. He looked at me, I looked at him; all through the trip.
    I did not know he was much younger than me because he looks much mature and for me, I always looked young (not to brag but people always thought I’m still in high school; don’t know if that is good or bad).
    We get to trade numbers though.
    There is this other man. Let’s say he is B. He is his cousin. I did not notice him at all during the trip but…after the trip we started texting. I do enjoyed talking to him but just as friends.
    Went a few dates with A. My heart was “doki-doki” when I was with him; but his age is my concern.
    I did not end up with A. The main reason was, he went out with his friends. I texted him but he did not reply within days. So I thought, maybe he wasn’t serious and ready to commit yet.
    I started to date B. It wasn’t love. It was a sweet escape for us. Deep down I know, he did not love me for me but for prestige. (I have this cool sports car–not that expensive though). I think it makes him proud that “I looked like I have money”. His ex wasn’t as good economy as my family; he is the type of guy that compares.
    He was my nightmare through out all of my previous relationship. I though wasn’t ready to be committed too. I made a fast hasty decision of accepting him. He changed, he cannot accept who I am, I too cannot accept for who he is. He just left. Gone. By the wind. Goodbye sucky love.
    I want to be loved for what I am inside. Not because I’m pretty, but because I have a good personality (can’t say I am). Not because I have money but because I care and respect you. Doesn’t all people do?
    …but love is much more complicated than that…so to be continued I guess? o(*≧□≦)o