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    FFXIV: Our FC Cottage Interior Decoration

    1st Floor we are inspired by Persona 5 Sojiro’s Cafe Le Blanc from Persona 5. I know it’s not really the same but it is really hard to find a good interior match from FFXIV haha. Underground theme is garden theme. Since my first FC room I don’t know why I love to put green garden stuff in my room.

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    1st Floor

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    Finally Deltascape 4.0 Savage

    It is so hard to not have a static. We cleared with 3 + 4 people helping us (Bouma Cage, Feyrbrand Leifthrasir and Mariel Crystallie + Kos-mos Y-data). Haha. Thank you guys really! I’m so grateful. And now we finally cleared without their help. I’m quite lucky of the loots except for the mounts so I think I’m done for O4s. WooHoo!~
    Some screenshots I had meeting Neo-Exdeath the first time.

  • Life Picturesque

    Strange Dreams

    I took tiny steps on my way outside the festival looking for my ride home. I found my cikin wearing its noble garb that I won on the last year’s festival. I hop on and as I stroll with my cikin, I felt as if someone is watching towards me. It was dark and windy, I was alone with my cikin. I heard footsteps coming towards me. I slowly reach my wand at my cikin’s sack.
    *rustle rustle*
    The sound took me by surprise. I caststone towards the bush. *BAM!!* I couldn’t see anything but I was sure that I hit something. Suddenly I heard a huge growl inside the bush, “The hell?” I thought monsters aren’t suppose to come out to a free land like this.

    “Don’t you remember? Chi – ri -yo?”

    “Hey lady!” I heard a vague voice from afar.
    Something hits me on the head and the next thing I remember…

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    After a Lot of Thinking

    So after a lot of thinking~~
    I wanted to smudge in my gaming site in this site because I feel that having 3 sites are hard. I even haven’t updated my design website mylanodezain.com. I thought I wanted to separate gaming from my personal life blog but, you know what I don’t care anymore.
    Look forward for my gaming posts 🙂 Planned to post videos and screenshots too.

  • Life Picturesque

    Moon Fairie Festival

    Role Plays based on my FFXIV characters & races ;


    We are lucky; I meant me and the other people that attended the festival are lucky; we have a clear night sky across The Peaceful Caye during the first day of festive. I decided to go there alone since I don’t really gathered up with my friends anymore. It has been a while I closed up with them. I have been in this world for a year and I can’t remember my memories before that. I don’t have any relatives or even family. Strange thing is, the more I try to remember the more it become painful. So I tend to forget and just live my life as it is. The first thing I remembered I was in The Dreary Islands, an independent marine city state of The Peaceful Caye. A beautiful city with ships, sailors, fisher and beaches. In a short while I was called to a guild. They teach me how to be a White Sage; I woke up in this world without knowing what had happened to me or where I came from. So rather than not doing anything, I decided to just follow what the people asked me to do. I was quite devastated because of my memory loss but through time I manage to just go on with it. My friends also said that I need to move on, but it seemed to always gets back to me, wondering where I was born, where are my family and my friends seemed tired of hearing my same problems again and again… Anyway, they are past me already. I had been upset so many times that I tend not to talk to people. I tend not to trust people anymore…I tend not to smile a lot anymore…
    …but when I see this little cuties, it must be the first time I smiled for a long while.
    Moon Fairie Festival
    (UnknownGirl looking around) I thought I heard a click nearby; maybe a lot of people are taking pictures in the festival^^; it’s safe here right? (went back looking at the cute toys in front of her).
    (Guy behind the toy stand) She has the cutest smile…Thought I seen her looking sad while coming over to the festival alone. Maybe I should say hi? Nah. That’s not me. I might as well go home after taking my prize…(getting through the crowd) ahhh too crowded.
    (UnknownGirl looking towards the guy’s back and the crowd) I thought somebody was looking at me, maybe just my feelings? I feel a little bit anxious today…maybe because of this crowd. I hate the crowd. I think I’m going to relax a bit on the water.
    OK. Done for the day, time to go home. Do I need to swim through to get across? *Sigh* Oh? (realizing UnknownGirl relaxing on the water) Isn’t that the girl on the toy stand?
    *Click* and run…
    Moon Fairie Festival-2
    Huh? Did I hear a click again just now? Or was it just my imagination? *Sigh* I think I am too tired. Probably I have to go home now…

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    An Introductory: You Don't Need to know Me

    Hello there! (To whoever is reading this)

    Welcome to my first blog! This wouldn’t be a quite good introductory though because I started this blog while I have a grieving mood.
    Here is the time of my life where I want to hide away from people. Especially people who doesn’t care and hurt me. I forgive but I never forget what they did to me. No, I know I’m not perfect, I know there are a lot of people who are more struggling than me, but today I finally realized that before I needed to be belonged somewhere. It leads me to not being myself. I don’t have any good role models in my life. I don’t want to blame anyone anymore because I am tired of it. Everyone knows it’s them and my own fault, but this problem gets me suicidal thoughts (that is normal but please anyone there that are also stressed out, don’t do it).
    Now I’m stuck and all alone and the fault is my own. No. I know God is with me, God is the only reason I kept going and never lose hope. I just need to be patient. I need to finally become myself, but you know you don’t need to know me (just yet)Let my characters in my game resembles me, because

    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart. 
    – Hellen Keller

    I really love this quote (why?) because what I feel is if someday you hate your life, the only thing you could see what is beautiful is your passion. What’s my passion? Gaming, and design 🙂 (Most parents wouldn’t understand that gaming is not always bad)
    The content of this blog is not all about grieving. It is about how I develop myself after what has happened to me recently. (What has happened?) Long story which maybe I will share or not share later on. I have had a lot of experiences good and bad (mostly bad!) in my life which I could share that maybe it could help someone to know that they are not the only ones that are experiencing that. Other contents will simply about role playing and story telling sometimes related on the games that I played.
    Anyway I guess that’s enough talk for now and I would close today’s blog with a saying that we should never give up to whatever problems that are facing us right now.