// Hi guys //

Little Miss Chiriyo’s here (/^▽^)/ My real name is Alyssa Milano. I’m not the actress though unfortunately (⊙ꇴ⊙). You can call me Chiriyo.

This website will be mainly about my daily life and relationship blog stories, my gaming activities, also my the food that I eat. I am a girl gamer and a foodie. I’m also enthusiasts in tv series. I love watching Netflix and I sometimes will share the series that I think it’s good. I love to sing and dance but that’s just a hobby. My passion is on gaming, designing and editing videos. 

I play games since forever. I used to be a socially awkward person. Believe it or not I changed. I am a loner though I love to hangout and go for a once a upon a time trip. I’ll be insecure and more likely have a headache in a crowded place. Don’t get me wrong, I love making friends, but sometimes it’s just hard for me to click. Anyway please feel free to browse my blog from the category in the home page or footer.