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    Never Been this Assured

    Never Been this Assured, or I shall say “true beyond any doubt”.

    I know that it has been a while since my last “life blog”. I had my dark year last year. Welp if you guys follow my blog probably you’ve have known. I also have been struggling with work these years. I shouldn’t have worked at my family’s company. I should have gain experience outside. Get to know communities. No even if I work on other companies I don’t thing that will be my passion. Now I’m freelancing. I don’t really like freelancing, no-wait I don’t really like design to be frank. I’m pretty much half on anything. I can draw but not that great. I am very good at pronunciations but not so good at the English itself. I’m pretty much not really great on a ‘certain’ thing. But I know now for sure that I am enjoying making videos and playing my games. Heck I love to do blogging too (that’s when I am in the mood though). I love to share. Now that my dark times had pass (I’m no saying that it is 100% over yet), I have to make sure that I follow my passion and know myself better. Know what I wanted to do. Wanna know what my passion is? Playing games and making videos of it, so I decided to become a YouTuber.

    I had tried to applied to certain companies outside my country (it’s a long story why I chose another country) else, I just want to freelance. One of the country I tried applying is Singapore. I went there for 2 interviews. 2 of the jobs sucks. No not the job. Job seemed fun but the boss…2 of the boss seemed illegal. 1 was a young boss trying real hard to get me the job (he applied me E-Pass which is illegal but he said he used to do these stuffs), 1 was old fashioned guy, kind of creepy, it was like an interview but not really. 2 Hours waste of time. The other young boss however seemed legit at first but it turns out that he was trying to get close with me which creeps me out also (scarrryyyyyy). I think it was because I told him about my problems (the reason I told him was because maybe if I got accepted in the job I might need to come home to my country to finish my problem). 

    Argh long story short I still look for jobs but after I meet my SimstuberID friends I get a little bit of light there. We are very different people, different ages and religion but we support each other. After a while I know that this is my true passion (though I know I am a hard worker on companies). Then I met some more people (from the YoLo Squad) who are very nice and helpful also. My story doesn’t end here, I still need to struggle through the subscribers and the 4000 hours of views to get my channel monetize! So watch out for my future uploads and blogs 🙂