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To Pray or Not to Pray

Hello there! (To whoever is reading this)

To pray or not to pray? There are these writing inspirations that lately came up in my mind. I will tell you the power of praying and how it give me effects through life. Maybe you have different thoughts, that’s okay, I respect that.

I am a Christian but I don’t talk about only Christian people. I talk for all religions. Just FYI I hate fanatic people. Before I became a Christian, I heard a friend of mine saying to another friend that she will go to hell if you are not becoming a Christian. Hmm to be honest, I know she maybe have the experience of having a miracle from being a Christian but that’s not how you say it to people. For me, sharing is enough. Just have respect on each other’s religion.

Religion are choices.

Let’s get to the point. I recently have had heard some devastating stories from my friends. I mean, sometimes they took life too hard (while doesn’t think others are harder).

A story of mine, I have had a tough year last year. I stopped praying when I met my someone (2 years ago). All I know was just having fun. I forgot about God. It is not the first time I am like this. I know I sometimes had the committal issues regarding to praying and reading bible or reading “Word of the Day”. I just stopped. Then last year something happened. It’s a big thing for me that made me want to suicide. Luckily I have a Religion and I started praying again. To be honest, even though I prayed it doesn’t mean that the suicidal thoughts are gone. I was stressed I lost like 7 Kg without dieting.

For me I talked with my God, Jesus, and the holy spirit surrounds me. I cried almost everyday while praying asking for His forgiveness and asking for a way out. It doesn’t heal in just a day (the suicidal thoughts), but it is good to have a God to talk and lean on especially when you have no one. From there you will start to get positive thoughts, you have something to believe, something good.

I started to read Word of the Day again and I almost never skipped a day until now.

Honestly I had ups and downs on religion. When I am happy I forgot about going to Church or praying. I know that really a big mistake. We shouldn’t leave our God because He is suppose to be our first priority. He is the one that made us and can heal our wounds whenever we are down.

I am writing this for those who are kind of lost, kind of loosing hope, kind of “suicidalish”, those who doesn’t have anyone, try to pray.

(I’m sorry I am not good at explaining things but I love to share my experiences with you, I hoped that my writings can influence people to a positive side).

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