Sale Italian Ristorante


This is Prosciutto + Pane. Prosciutto + Pane usually served cold meat and warm bread.
Spaghetti alle Vongole. The spaghetti served with olive oil + a little bit of pasta water and delicious clams. Another simple dish I love.
I am not really a fan of Italian foods in my country because most of them doesn’t have this authentic taste. Especially the pastas. Even sometimes my mom cooks it better! HAHA. BUT this restaurant is different. I loveeeeeeeeee it and I would come back for moar. I didn’t get the chance to taste my mom’s and dad’s food cause I was already full just eating the prosciutto and pane. I didn’t want my tummy to be really full before I got to taste my spaghetti.

I regret I didn’t bring my EOS M10!!

My stepdad is Italian so he sometimes looked for Italian restaurants on the internet. He apparently found Sale on internet and went there with my mom once. I joined them the next time they wanted to go there. The food here are very delicious, well of course because the food are made by Italian chefs! I really recommend this restaurant for those who love Italian food!
Link to more menu and location of restaurant

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