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Self-Centered or Narcissist? Can I be Honest?

I found this site about a self-centered person or narcissist. So in the site it says that there are 4 ways to tell. Focus on self, empathy, grandiosity and breaking rules. I am one of those 4; grandiosity.
Self-centered people crave attention from others, and can reliably find a way to talk about themselves when they begin to feel neglected and unimportant. In conversations, they may talk too much about themselves, but they can also actually listen to others.
It is true I craved attention from others (can be my closest friend to random people), I also find a way to talk about myself when I begin to feel neglected and unimportant. I do talk about myself but I also listen to others. I like to listen and observe other people’s stories. Knowing what their problems are can add up to my experience in life. I like to give advises to my friends too. That is why I like psychology so much. I know one thing though from a friend with a psychology degree that psychologist doesn’t give a an end solution but gives options to their patients. Our problems, our decisions always ends with us.
I remembered  I always tell my problems to random people. Sometimes it’s because I am desperate and I really don’t know what to do. I cannot talk to my parents about my problems. I can rely to God but I need to communicate and see other people visions how they will solve if they were me.

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