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Do not Judge

Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on. –

After what had happened to me these few months. The story that I never told in my blog. I don’t tell stories anymore to random people. I am honestly easy to get to know with but now I am closing up to new people or friends that aren’t really close. I felt that I was a dramatic person with a complicated life. So I don’t think people need to know about it. I want to keep it to myself and people that are close to me.
I am coming to this topic “do not judge” because I feel that some people are like judging me and questioning me on my back. They might have concerned about me or just want to have a gossip topic. Well, they did not know what I have been through so I don’t really care.
I myself is a person who likes to judge. LOL. Not judge to be exact but more like observe. Like for example there is this one guy. He is kind but people don’t like him because of his attitude. His bad attitudes were like saying something that isn’t true, the gossip was he always targets a new female friend to be his GF, he says things like he wanted to be with a woman that have money. Honestly I knew things from gossip and I don’t really know what he was actually doing, was it really that bad that people hated him? I think yes he was desperate to find a GF but I don’t really know that what the gossip sayings are true or not. So I can’t really judge from that. Also when I observe people I would wonder what their backgrounds were like. Maybe he had a harsh childhood, or something that made him like this today. Me myself doesn’t come from a peaceful childhood so I can’t really believe and judge he is bad until I have real proof. Long story short, I guess he finds out that many people doesn’t like him and from his status I could see that he can’t really trust people anymore. It is sad actually and from what I heard, people already talked to him about his bad attitudes but they said that he is hard to change.
I believe that every people have their own stories and problems that we actually don’t know. Sometimes we judge without knowing what are their backgrounds or what they had been through in life.

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