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    Sale Italian Ristorante


    This is Prosciutto + Pane. Prosciutto + Pane usually served cold meat and warm bread.
    Spaghetti alle Vongole. The spaghetti served with olive oil + a little bit of pasta water and delicious clams. Another simple dish I love.
    I am not really a fan of Italian foods in my country because most of them doesn’t have this authentic taste. Especially the pastas. Even sometimes my mom cooks it better! HAHA. BUT this restaurant is different. I loveeeeeeeeee it and I would come back for moar. I didn’t get the chance to taste my mom’s and dad’s food cause I was already full just eating the prosciutto and pane. I didn’t want my tummy to be really full before I got to taste my spaghetti.

    I regret I didn’t bring my EOS M10!!

    My stepdad is Italian so he sometimes looked for Italian restaurants on the internet. He apparently found Sale on internet and went there with my mom once. I joined them the next time they wanted to go there. The food here are very delicious, well of course because the food are made by Italian chefs! I really recommend this restaurant for those who love Italian food!
    Link to more menu and location of restaurant

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    Am I Naive? Seeking my Happiness

    Am I a naive person? All these years seeking for happiness that never comes—No, actually it did for awhile. Well we can’t really hoped for a perfect life right? Though on my previous posts I said that I am quite thankful that problems came to me cause if not maybe I wouldn’t have a religion, I wouldn’t know God. Problems are tests whether we stayed or we go. There is one thing I am sure of is that I believe that good things are coming my way. Maybe not now but later on.
    I have been a Christian for 8 years and there are those times where it was “On and Off”. I really tried hard to commit but it seems that I didn’t know how before. There are some happy times where I just forget about Church, the bible, times where I don’t talk to God, but when I have problems, I always return to Him. So these 2 years I decided that when I am ready I will commit. These few months I had started to commit to God again.
    “All these years seeking for happiness that never comes—No, actually it did for awhile.” I ever felt like there are these phases of my life when I thought I finally got my happiness, but that happiness just became problems in the end. The cause. The cause is that I focus on that happiness until I forgot logic. For example, when I am happy in a relationship and after a while I knew that the future was a blur and I still go on with it. These are the most mistakes I made in my life. Well it is quite hard for me cause of what I will say below.
    I have this thirst and hunger of being loved. I became a quite self-centered person “the grandiosity” type and a lot of times I asked myself “why have I become this person?” Yes my pasts and my family are part of it, but I am the cause. Maybe if I am strong enough or know what I wanted from the start I wouldn’t become this person. I do have regrets but we can’t change anything do we? I really don’t have the answer to this question but I believe there will be a way for every problems in every single one of us if we have faith. Don’t give up!

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    Portable: Another Foodie Blog

    My parents and I decided to taste a new dish. We went to Portable Grill and Shabu located at Summerecon Serpong. There are two separated areas in this restaurant. One is the all you can eat and one is the ala-carte. We ate ala-carte on the first floor. They have salads, pasta, sandwiches, and even Indonesian food.


    We were given a free soup appetizer. I don’t know the name of the soup but it’s quite good for a free soup.

    My mom and I ordered this Iga Bakar Sambel Tomat dan Nasi Pandan. Tastes delicious.


    My dad ordered this. I think it was Beef Ribs Pull on Ciabatta. I didn’t try it though cause it’s kind of hard and big for me to eat.

    I would definitely comeback to taste other menu or shabu-shabu. Not a fan of shabu-shabu though, but it doesn’t hurt to try!


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    Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

    Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

    Has been a long time I had not seen anime~ This anime trailer just showed up on my FB timeline and it got me interested to watch. So the main summary is there is this high school fat girl that got stressed because of the death of her favorite anime character. About a week or two she locked herself in her room and she became thin. The boys at school has an eye on her. Take a look at the trailer, probably you animers otakus love it too!~

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    Batik Air Business Class

    Batik Air Lounge
    This was the first time I experienced riding business class. First time entering business lounge too. We checked in at the business queue line. It was a fast check in because no one was queuing. Ordered wheel chair for my grandma because the lounge is far from the checked in place.
    We checked in like 2 hours before the flight so we have many time to sit and relax. Grandma said that the food was better when she went with my parents last January. Ate some kind of Bihun and drank cappuccino. I think the food was okay. I still can eat it but she said it was not good. Haha. We got delayed for half an hour for the flight.
    We had to walk quite far from the lounge to our gate. I did not know why they did not tell us there was an option that we can get called first. In the flight we got a light meal.

    The menu on our way back~

    Bought business class again on our way back to Jakarta but…unfortunately the business lounge was under construction –” but we did not get any complimentary bonus and we ended up at Starbucks LOL.
    It was a fun experience though ūüėČ

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    Self-Centered or Narcissist? Can I be Honest?

    I found this site about a self-centered person or narcissist. So in the site it says that there are 4 ways to tell. Focus on self, empathy, grandiosity and breaking rules. I am one of those 4; grandiosity.
    Self-centered people crave attention from others, and can reliably find a way to talk about themselves when they begin to feel neglected and unimportant. In conversations, they may talk too much about themselves, but they can also actually listen to others.
    It is true I craved attention from others (can be my closest friend to random people), I also find a way to talk about myself when I begin to feel neglected and unimportant. I do talk about myself but I also listen to others. I like to listen and observe other people’s stories. Knowing what their problems are can add up to my experience in life. I like to give advises to my friends too. That is why I like psychology so much. I know one thing though from a friend with a psychology degree that psychologist doesn’t give a an end solution but gives options to their patients. Our problems, our decisions always ends with us.
    I remembered ¬†I always tell my problems to random people. Sometimes it’s because I am desperate and I really don’t know what to do. I cannot talk to my parents about my problems. I can rely to God but I need to communicate and see other people visions how they will solve if they were me.

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    Do not Judge

    Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on. – http://livelifehappy.com/

    After what had happened to me these few months. The story that I never told in my blog. I don’t tell stories anymore to random people. I am honestly easy to get to know with but now I am closing up to new people or friends that aren’t really close. I felt that I was a dramatic person with a complicated life. So I don’t think people need to know about it. I want to keep it to myself and people that are close to me.
    I am coming to this topic “do not judge” because I feel that some people are like judging me and questioning me on my back. They might have concerned about me or just want to have a gossip topic. Well, they did not know what I have been through so I don’t really care.
    I myself is a person who likes to judge. LOL. Not judge to be exact but more like observe. Like for example there is this one guy. He is kind but people don’t like him because of his attitude. His bad attitudes were like saying something that isn’t true, the gossip was he always targets a new female friend to be his GF, he says things like he wanted to be with a woman that have money. Honestly I knew things from gossip and I don’t really know what he was actually doing, was it really that bad that people hated him? I think yes he was desperate to find a GF but I don’t really know that what the gossip sayings are true or not. So I can’t really judge from that. Also when I observe people I would wonder what their backgrounds were like. Maybe he had a harsh childhood, or something that made him like this today. Me myself doesn’t come from a peaceful childhood so I can’t really believe and judge he is bad until I have real proof. Long story short, I guess he finds out that many people doesn’t like him and from his status I could see that he can’t really trust people anymore. It is sad actually and from what I heard, people already talked to him about his bad attitudes but they said that he is hard to change.
    I believe that every people have their own stories and problems that we actually don’t know. Sometimes we judge without knowing what are their backgrounds or what they had been through in life.

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    Strange Dreams

    I took tiny steps on my way outside the festival looking for my ride home. I found my cikin wearing its noble garb that I won on the last year’s festival. I hop on and as I stroll with my cikin, I felt as if someone is watching towards me. It was dark and windy, I was alone with my cikin. I heard footsteps coming towards me. I slowly reach my wand at my cikin’s sack.
    *rustle rustle*
    The sound took me by surprise. I caststone towards the bush. *BAM!!* I couldn’t see anything but I was sure that I hit something. Suddenly I heard a huge growl inside the bush, “The hell?” I thought monsters aren’t suppose to come out to a free land like this.

    “Don’t you remember? Chi – ri -yo?”

    “Hey lady!” I heard a vague voice from afar.
    Something hits me on the head and the next thing I remember…

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    Fragment of Memories: It was Beautiful

    Whatever it was.
    I remembered when I first saw you.
    I remembered the letters that we wrote to each other.
    It’s not like we live in ancient era that we decided to wrote those letters.
    It was because we were in love and we think it was romantic (was it? is it still?)
    It was beautiful.
    Until I know. That you locked me inside an invincible room.
    I couldn’t be with my friends. I did not have freedom.

    I loved you until you made me disappointed.


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    Be Kind and Considerate

    (related discussion to my previous post about the song)
    Who cares if one more light goes out
    In the sky of a million stars?
    It flickers, flickers.
    Who cares when someone’s time runs out
    If a moment is all we are?
    Or quicker, quicker
    Who cares if one more light goes out?
    Well, I do.
    To be honest I am the type of person who is considerate to other people. No matter where the person comes from (either friends from game or real life). I’m just the type that cannot not considerate. I don’t want other people to feel bad for what I not purposely did to them. There is a “but” though. If that person isn’t considerate it is hard for me to be either.
    To me and Chester maybe it meant in a different way (cause this song is a tribute to his friend that has passed away Chris Cornell).
    To me this song meant if someone is down or someone is in a need of help and they felt that there’s no one that cares, believe me I care even-though I don’t know you. I have been through rough times, so I know how it felt to be lonely, unwanted and to close up to people.¬†
    I sometimes don’t understand people who doesn’t think about other people. Maybe they lack of communication, or too spoiled.¬†I had some people in my life who says for what we are doing something good to that person/people we don’t get benefit from it. Honestly, they are not wrong but sometimes helping them will make me feel good if the reason makes sense.
    Know what counts and what doesn’t.

    Being here counts. Being kind and considerate counts. Getting through each day without offending anyone or hurting anyone counts.

    ~Rules of Life second edition by Richard Templar