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Moon Fairie Festival

Role Plays based on my FFXIV characters & races ;


We are lucky; I meant me and the other people that attended the festival are lucky; we have a clear night sky across The Peaceful Caye during the first day of festive. I decided to go there alone since I don’t really gathered up with my friends anymore. It has been a while I closed up with them. I have been in this world for a year and I can’t remember my memories before that. I don’t have any relatives or even family. Strange thing is, the more I try to remember the more it become painful. So I tend to forget and just live my life as it is. The first thing I remembered I was in The Dreary Islands, an independent marine city state of The Peaceful Caye. A beautiful city with ships, sailors, fisher and beaches. In a short while I was called to a guild. They teach me how to be a White Sage; I woke up in this world without knowing what had happened to me or where I came from. So rather than not doing anything, I decided to just follow what the people asked me to do. I was quite devastated because of my memory loss but through time I manage to just go on with it. My friends also said that I need to move on, but it seemed to always gets back to me, wondering where I was born, where are my family and my friends seemed tired of hearing my same problems again and again… Anyway, they are past me already. I had been upset so many times that I tend not to talk to people. I tend not to trust people anymore…I tend not to smile a lot anymore…
…but when I see this little cuties, it must be the first time I smiled for a long while.
Moon Fairie Festival
(UnknownGirl looking around) I thought I heard a click nearby; maybe a lot of people are taking pictures in the festival^^; it’s safe here right? (went back looking at the cute toys in front of her).
(Guy behind the toy stand) She has the cutest smile…Thought I seen her looking sad while coming over to the festival alone. Maybe I should say hi? Nah. That’s not me. I might as well go home after taking my prize…(getting through the crowd) ahhh too crowded.
(UnknownGirl looking towards the guy’s back and the crowd) I thought somebody was looking at me, maybe just my feelings? I feel a little bit anxious today…maybe because of this crowd. I hate the crowd. I think I’m going to relax a bit on the water.
OK. Done for the day, time to go home. Do I need to swim through to get across? *Sigh* Oh? (realizing UnknownGirl relaxing on the water) Isn’t that the girl on the toy stand?
*Click* and run…
Moon Fairie Festival-2
Huh? Did I hear a click again just now? Or was it just my imagination? *Sigh* I think I am too tired. Probably I have to go home now…

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