Pepper Lunch~Student Meals!!??

Student Meals~Salmon Pepper Rice

I went out last week to buy some things in the market and when I was passing buy Pepper Lunch I saw credit and debit card  paying 1Rp promotion. I was interested and I planned to go back to check out the deal. After going to the market I went back to Pepper Lunch and I feel I had been “deceived”! So in the promotion brochure it says that with a certain debit or credit card I could get beef pepper rice for only 1Rp, but below it said “terms and conditions applied“. Oh I gotta bad feeling I had been deceived by the brochure so I asked. Turns out I had to spend around 400.000Rp to get a Beef Pepper Rice 1Rp HAH. So much for hoping. Then the employee said that I could get a student meal instead (I mean it is cheaper than the normal ones). I asked though, do I need any student card? She said no. After thinking about it in seconds, I bought the Salmon Pepper Rice. HAHA. Well maybe it is a good thing I have a baby face? ;P
Anyway, the taste isn’t as good as the original Salmon Pepper Rice, but it is still nice because we got eggs too for the student meal.
( ノ^ω^)ノ゚…as long as it makes my tummy happy~

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