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    Nescafe Dolce Gusto ~ How I do it?

    First of all, I LOVEEEE COOFFEEEE. I am addicted to it, I love all forms of it {especially cappuccino and lattes}.
    Got this Nescafe Dolce Gusto from my aunt and grandma (from my dad’s side). They knew I love coffee so much (I even have cappuccino machine~the mini one). I love Nescafe coffees (I usually but the instant ones). The taste are rich.
    This machine uses capsule to make your coffee. this time I am making Latte Macchiato.  
    Dolce Gusto 1
    You can’t see it in the picture but Latte Macchiato has 2 colors capsules, black and white. I usually insert the coffee first but for me it doesn’t matter. Also, you can see that the capsules has levels of water but I usually raise the level of the water more for the coffee because I feel that the taste is really thick for just 2 levels (depends on people though).
    Dolce Gusto 2

    1. At the back part of the machine, there is a place for the water, fill it in as according how much coffee you make. Turn on the machine.
    2. If you want to use hot water you have to wait for a while. Then you have to drag down the silver handle.
    3. Adjust the water level. Adjust it using the “gear like” switch (4) (can toggle it up and down to adjust the water).
    4. Then finally you can toggle the hot water and cold water switch to make the coffee. Voila enjoy your Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato <3


    Iced Latte Macchiato
    How I do it?~ So, at the previous post about making macchiato cream that is similar to KOI, I had made a variation from Dolce Gusto’s coffee. I made the coffee and put the cream on top. It is delicious~

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    Pepper Lunch~Student Meals!!??

    Student Meals~Salmon Pepper Rice

    I went out last week to buy some things in the market and when I was passing buy Pepper Lunch I saw credit and debit card  paying 1Rp promotion. I was interested and I planned to go back to check out the deal. After going to the market I went back to Pepper Lunch and I feel I had been “deceived”! So in the promotion brochure it says that with a certain debit or credit card I could get beef pepper rice for only 1Rp, but below it said “terms and conditions applied“. Oh I gotta bad feeling I had been deceived by the brochure so I asked. Turns out I had to spend around 400.000Rp to get a Beef Pepper Rice 1Rp HAH. So much for hoping. Then the employee said that I could get a student meal instead (I mean it is cheaper than the normal ones). I asked though, do I need any student card? She said no. After thinking about it in seconds, I bought the Salmon Pepper Rice. HAHA. Well maybe it is a good thing I have a baby face? ;P
    Anyway, the taste isn’t as good as the original Salmon Pepper Rice, but it is still nice because we got eggs too for the student meal.
    ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚…as long as it makes my tummy happy~

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    Just Seeing them Made my day!

    Introducing my cuties! Their names are Kumo and Boy.

    Kumo Boy
    Originally I only have 1 dog that is Kumo. Boy is someone’s unkempt dog that comes to us looking for love.
    KUMO – 16th january 2016
    Kumo is a samoyed breed. We bought him because our previous dog (same breed) named Bianco passed away. It was so sudden. It was a real heartbreak for my family. I was abroad back then when he was gone. When I came home the house felt so empty (since I don’t have any siblings). I wish I had the chance to say goodbye. Kumo was born a day after Bianco gone, my mom intentionally searched for a samoyed that is born on around the date Bianco died. We traveled to Bandung to get Kumo. He had two other brothers but he was left alone with his mother. I felt so sad for his mother because her child is always taken away from her (the seller said this is the second time she had given birth to beautiful puppies).
    Kumo’s characteristic is totally different from Bianco. Kumo is more naughty, not really afraid of thunder (I remembered Bianco is very scared of thunder). Both of them are friendly to other dogs and people. The one thing I don’t like is that Kumo likes to bite the owner if he doesn’t get what he wants. Maybe it was because when Bianco was small I teach him discipline on his early months, but I didn’t teach Kumo (since I know my mom will spoil him like she spoil Bianco), so I think Kumo is OVERSPOILED. HAHA. Still he is cute though 🙂
    BOY – ??? (veterinarian said he is already 5 years old)
    It has been a few months Boy has been with us. Anyway before I talked about Boy, there is this dog, I think he is a similar breed as Boy (both of them are mongrel). He always picks up fights with most dogs, including Kumo. So at first we just gave him food but it is really disturbing if I went out with Kumo and he is outside too (I’m scared Kumo will get hurt-because he was still a puppy back then, I’m scared to get bitten too).  Eventually the dog is kept by my other neighbor. Months later came this dog who we call Boy. Boy is different with the previous dog that I talked about, he is friendly towards other dogs but he is scared towards human (I assume many people are trying to catch him or hurt him while he was outside his owner’s house). Boy was very skinny and dirty when he came to us (we knew he had an owner because he has leash on his neck). He kept coming because we gave him food and he is Kumo’s best friend. At first we leave him outside for a few days, thinking someone might come searching. A few days later he came in our house sleeping in front of the maid’s room (luckily my maid doesn’t hate dogs).
    After a few weeks the owner suddenly came saying that they had been looking for Boy for days. Said that he became more fat and clean. When they wanted to take Boy away, Boy runs away from them. I don’t know whether they had ever tortured him or they did not nurture him the way we did. Eventually we decided to keep Boy. He is kept inside the house now, sleep inside my parents room together with Kumo.
    ~to be continued.